Thursday, July 14, 2011

2x2 Weaves Continued

We have continued to work Lexi on Susan Garrett's 2x2 Weave Pole system. I already have a complaint about's billed as "12 Poles in 12 Days" and that is SO unrealistic for the average dog/handler. The idea is that you work several short sessions per day, but I find that we are having to stay at certain "Days" longer than others.

We've been on Day 4 now for about 4 days! This is the day where the second set of two poles comes into play, and comes closer and closer to the first set of 2, until they are weaving a straight set of four poles. We made it there, but I wasn't getting the entries I was hoping for (the whole reason that we're doing this!) I think we need to take a step back. Today and tomorrow I plan on working on some of the harder entries. I'll start by going back to two poles only, and working tough entries keeping my reward line consistent. I'll also go ahead and add the second set (keeping the first angled) and reward for the entry of the first set. Then, I'll move the two sets close together, but keep the first set angled so Lexi can be successful getting her entry into the four. Hopefully that will keep her learning. She did see a couple sets of 6 and 12 last night in our practice, and I felt like she was hitting entries more frequently, but still missing the majority of the time when we were coming at any angle at all.

Here's the video of a few sessions in the past few days:

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