Monday, July 18, 2011

More LM information

Sends & Recalls
1. Lateral Sends: Lateral movement cues the dog
a. Keep your shoulders square to the jump until the dog commits

2. Drills:
a. One jump drills
i. Set the dog up 8’-10’ in a stay. Stand so that you can touch the jump (on the dog’s side). Release the dog at the same time as you step laterally (side stepping). As the dog commits to the jump, turn 90 degrees and step forward, and reward the dog at your side

5 Motion Cues:
1. Forward/Acceleration
2. Deceleration
3. No Motion
4. Backwards
5. Lateral

Tips for Lexi and Bentley:
a. When making a turn, keep eye contact while moving forward
b. Use arms earlier to signal that a turn (or cross) is coming

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