Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trial: BRAG Bentley

Alright, here are Bentley's videos from the same weekend...

Bentley: Masters Snooker Q
Woohoo--Bentley is a Snooker Champion now! He got his 10th Masters Snooker Q with another Super Q (he didn't need it!)

Bentley: Steeplechase Q
Darn that a-frame...but still a Q!

Bentley: Masters Gamblers
Well, we all knew gamblers was not his thing! The weaves were just too far out there, and the "corrected" teeter prior to the send just didn't set him in the right mentality.

Bentley: Masters Jumpers
Bentley handled really nicely here. I ended up on the wrong side, and mishandled my RC which caused him to refuse the jump. But other than that, he was moving nicely and I felt like our crosses were nicely timed.

Bentley: Masters Standard
A good run...I was proud because you can see that he tries to slow down at the bottom of the contact, but he slips and jumps off the side. I'll take that over a flying leap, which is what we had been getting. (This is his first time on rubberized contacts)

Bentley: Masters Standard (Day 2)
Ugly. Missed both A-frame and dogwalk, then headed back to the table in a tricky section towards the weaves (Jonathan's fault as he's opened up to the table completely). Then he turned too soon off a cross and missed a jump.

Bentley: Steeplechase Finals ($22!)

And I won't post it, but I got lost on the Masters Pairs course and cost our team a Q (DUH). Can you tell I was exhausted? I've never done that before! Sorry, partner!

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