Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter L, and Bentley is sick

Friday we came home and Bentley had gotten really sick.  He was sick all day and night Friday and Saturday.  We took him to the vet Saturday because I was worried that he might have another obstruction (for those who don't remember, he ate a bunch of leather in August and had to have surgery).  The vet felt that it was most likely a bug (she said those have been going around) and gave us some medicine to help. 

He seems to be feeling much better, and hasn't been sick since Saturday night.  I even went home at lunch today and check on him and he seemed fine.  I'll feel better once he's back on kibble (I'm feeding him chicken and rice) and things are back to normal.  Poor little guy.

The weirdest thing is that Lexi is really upset about something. Either she doesn't feel good (I hope that's not the case!) or she is worried because she knows something is up.

She is really sensitive, and we've obviously been acting differently (sitting with Bentley on the floor in the kitchen, the living room is completely gated off since we had to steam clean the carpets) but she won't leave us alone. She keeps asking to be held (even when we're walking around), and wants to be in my lap all the time.

Jonathan and I were taking turns sitting in the kitchen with Bentley (didn't want him on the carpet) and Lexi was so worried that she insisted on sitting on our laps as we watched Bentley (he's on the floor behind the chair napping!)

I also need to catch up with some of the videos I've recorded, so here's one from last week where we practice the letter L Alphabet Drill with Lexi.  I thought some of her turns were pretty nice!


  1. Aww, I hope Bentley is feeling better soon. Shelties can be very sensitive creatures.

  2. Im glad Bently is feeling better now. Scary.

  3. I am sorry Bentley was sick and that it freaked out Lexi. Hopefully all is ok now!

  4. Been behind on my blog reading. Hope Bentley is feeling better. Shelties are really in tune with each other. Katy and Bailey really do worry about each other.