Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lexi starts Cik and Cap

So, for a long time I've admired Silvia Trkman.  We even mistakenly tried to teach her running contacts before any of her online videos, etc...were available.

That being said, I've been intrigued by her concept and cik and cap, and have been wanting to give it a shot with Lexi.  Unfortunately I can't afford the class, but we were able to get the DVD and decided to try it out.  Sure, there's a chance I'll mess it up, but it can't hurt, right?   I'm hoping that it will at the very least make her a bit more aware of where her body is when she starts to make turns.  I'm anticipating that it will be very difficult to accomplish at speed, but it will be a fun endeavor nonetheless and regardless of the outcome.

I've taken a few notes from the DVD and hope to post a few takeaways here when I post corresponding videos.  Here are my notes from the beginning of the video (the why!) and a few notes on the very beginning stages of teaching (the how):

Reasons to use cik & cap:

1.        Improves course times
2.        Makes handling and timing much easier
3.        Takes stress off the dog's joints
4.        Teaches obstacle focus, distance skills and sends
5.        Makes it less frustrating for the handler since they don’t have to be everywhere for the dog—more fun for handler and dog since the dog can run full speed

Random notes:

Changing direction (180) is harder than threadle

Cik/cap doesn’t mean come to me, just means to collect and jump in the right direction

Step 1: Going around a pole or cone.  Can reward either direction. Reward close to the pole going in the right direction

Pay attention to the rear and jackpot if the rear comes with the front when coming around the turn.

This video is from her second session--I kept them both short and just used the clicker to shape the turn (though I guess I lured a bit when I rewarded).  I worked her a third session outside and she really seems to get it.

I will note that I am struggling to see whether or not Lexi's rear is moving with her front.  It seems to me that it is, but it's hard for me to tell.


  1. Lexi is doing great!

    I taught these beginning stages to Chewy, but then kind of fizzled out. I have a ridiculously difficult time figuring out which way is counterclockwise and clockwise. I'm not sure I could ever implement these in an agility run, because I would have to stop and picture a clock to figure out what command to use!

  2. It looks really good. You may want to use something shorter for her to go around to make it easier on you. ALso use both hands to reward. Reward on the otherside of what you are doing, that will make her complete the circle around the cone. They way you are doing it, when you pull your arm back , she comes with you and doesnt finish the circle. Does that make any sense?? I hope so. I have that problem and didnt realize I was doing that until Daisy told me I was. LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. It actually taught me how to have some indoor fun with Eva. We don't do agility but we would love to do something easy and fun on our pace.

    Lexi is so clever and enthusiastic!

    1. This looks like an interesting training. I will research it and see what if it something I may try with Jefferson.