Friday, February 24, 2012

More Cik & Cap

A couple days ago we worked on cik & cap some more, and it's not as easy as it looks!  I thought, sure I'll teach Lexi to circle around a cone.  Easy!  Not!  Anyways, she can circle one way fairly well, but the other way, not at all!  She doesn't want to do anything the other way, just maybe take one step.

Bentley is getting the hang of it as well, even though I don't think he'll really need it on course.

After the above video a friend pointed out that I was only clicking at the same place--when the dog had almost completed the turn and was back looking at me.  Oops!  She also forced me to try to get Lexi to turn the other way.  I'm a pushover, I start to feel bad when Lexi gets frustrated!

So here is session 4, where I attempted to rectify the aforementioned problems.  Lexi still doesn't want to turn the other way, but it's getting better bit by bit.  Her turns the one way are great.  Bentley is the same--has one way down pat!


  1. Ricky totally prefers one direction over the other too. Took him a long time to go the opposite way. Lexi and Bentley are getting it! :)

  2. When Lexi is circling to the right, use your right hand to reward. So the dog is on the left of the pole, circling to the right, you put your arm to the right of the bottle to reward. This will encourage Lexi to finish circling the bottle. I hope that makes sense. Its looking good. Im sure she will figure it out.