Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random post

Nope, still haven't gotten my act together to post about the many things running through my mind.  So I'll settle for just a few random thoughts.

1.  Jonathan and I decided to try to concentrate more on one dog each.  We think that will be particularly beneficial to me and Lexi since the hardest part is working on timing.  I will still run Bentley at times, and he will still run Lexi.  But we're going to try to do more 75/25 rather than 50/50.

2.  Tuesday night in class was a great night.  This class has had some pretty challenging sequences which can leave me feeling just a tiny bit defeated.  Despite all that, I have learned a lot and I know that the dogs have too!  We wouldn't grow as a team if we never worked on things that were hard for us.

That being said, I love those classes where the progress that has been made is almost tangible.  I remember when we first were introduced to the recall to heel positions how Lexi had absolutely no desire to come in on the serpentine recall to heel position.  It required collection and convergence--two things that Lexi knew (or cared) little about.  The class focused on this skill, and Lexi was stellar!  Of course there were mistakes made, but when I did things right on my end, Lexi responded accordingly.  I just remember thinking that these RTH positions were too hard...and now look at us!

3.  I am trying to teach Lexi to do a handstand against the wall.  She's at the point where we have a couch cushion almost parallel against the wall, but not yet.  As soon as I make it parallel, it's like she doesn't trust her feet to be able to grip and back up.  Not sure how to fix it.  Maybe try a more "sticky" material to help her grip?

I also wanted to try to teach her to lift her back leg (one at a time), and Lian kindly suggested that I touch her leg to get her to lift it up, and then click.  Good idea in theory...but Lexi is too busy throwing herself around trying things for me to capture a mere leg lift!  I will try to get a video to show what I mean.  I even tried to get my husband to sort of hold her still (she is shifting, backing up, moving sideways, barking all at once!) but she just seemed confused!


  1. I think having one person concentrate on one dog is better, both handler and dog will benefit from that and you will greater result as well.

  2. Try using a small box to target too. That way when she is getting crazy and she accidently hits it with her back leg, you can C/T. After a couple of times, she will probably calm down and start thinking. Thats what is starting to work with Miley.

  3. I was going to suggest a box like Diana. That's how I taught my two.