Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cik & Cap--Clearly I'm doing this wrong!

I did some work a couple days ago and posted a video (CikCap5) and a couple of my friends told me that I was working for too long (which is why I was really only getting turns one way).  They also recommend that I start throwing a treat/toy to get Lexi more excited and driving out of the turns.

So yesterday I took it outside and decided to work using a toy.  I thought that I had it fixed because Lexi was turning both ways and pushing out of the turn and accelerating to get the toy.  I was quite excited.  Then I went back out last night and decided to ask for more of a turn (I wasn't really getting a full 360 earlier in the day, in the video).  I got nothing.  I was literally right back where I started with her just poking her nose from one side to the other.  So, I thought maybe it was because I had the toy, and not treats.  So I brought the treats and the clicker back out...and was basically starting over.  I couldn't get her to do a full turn (I think I got one or two at the end).  Also, outside she wasn't offering any turns around the pole without my movement.  It's like I had to "throw" her towards the pole to get her started.

I had no idea it would be this complicated!  We are still enjoying trying to learn new things, but I wish I knew what I was doing!


  1. I thought they looked good! But what do I know? LOL.

  2. I thought it looked great too. When S.T. starts to do send around things with cik and clip, she has the dog on the right side of her, and retrains the dog slightly, then sends the dog. The dog goes around the tree to the left. If she wants him to go around the tree to the right, she has him on the left side of her, restrains him and sends him. So she is using body language at first becasue they still dont fully know the verbal cues yet. She still says the verbal cues but uses her body too. I hope that maybe thats what you are looking for.

  3. I have nothing to compare it to so my comments are hardly helpful. I'm always glad when they remember their basic commands.