Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cik & Cap Update

Just wanted to start off by saying thanks to Diana for pointing out that Lexi missed her entries when I wasn't helping her--or shaping them.  She's definitely right!

It worked out well that we worked letter W the other day, because the following night we worked weaves in class, as well.  There was a course set up where the weave entry was exactly the same as the one where Lexi kept missing.  My instructor made a good point (that she has made before).  We need to work skills independently before we add forward motion.  As soon as I add forward motion, it becomes exponentially more difficult for Lexi to collect and do her job.  So, we should teach hard weave entries first, and then add the motion component a little at a time.

Soon I'll take an updated cik/cap video to share, but I've been lazy.  I did get my regular camera out today, though.  I got a few pictures of Lexi wrapping the pole.  She is definitely getting it!  And, it's already making her think a bit differently as she approaches other things.  I decided to teach her a new trick the other day, and she offered a weave around my leg.  So, I went with it and she's learning to weave around my legs.


  1. This picture of Lexi is absolutely stunning! I have to steal it and put it on my deskstop! She is wrapping the pole so tight and happy! Well done!

  2. Love the happy girl! She is so beautiful and the picture is gorgeous!

  3. I love the photo - it looks professional! Diana is the absolute best at analyzing video!

  4. Can I use Lexi's beautiful picture on my blog? I'll give credit and a link to this page =D