Friday, March 23, 2012

I love my dogs!

I guess I probably don't say this too often...but I really love my dogs.  Dogs are great because they love us unconditionally!

This week has been really stressful.  My boss has been on vacation all week, and I've been in's been a terrific learning experience, but extremely stressful.  She has a crazy job, and seems to be the key to the entire marketing department!  Anyways, the place hasn't burnt down yet, so I guess I'm doing okay!  I'm also basically doing two jobs at once...but that's not really a fun dog-related story!

Tuesday was particularly stressful.  I had worked 9.5 hours straight, and then immediately went from work to agility.  We worked on serpentine recall to heels (in sequence) and it was just awesome.  The dogs didn't do anything in particular that put me in a good mood...they just were their little selves.  Enthusiastic, willing to work, and of course, cute!  They weren't perfect, but I didn't care.  We were working together as a team and all my worries just faded into the background.  On our way out of class there was a sheltie club meeting and I got to hold 3 little 11 week old sheltie puppies.  Adorable!  I left that night with a HUGE smile on my face.

I love my dogs--and I love this sport and everything that comes with it!

This picture is from 1.5 years ago!


  1. And they also bring happiness and laughter to us!

    We love your dogs too : )

  2. They provide so much joy. My DH never had dogs before Bailey and Katy and I'm not sure he can quite imagine life without them now.

  3. I second that, Ashley! My little Jefferson is such a sweetie and has really brought so much to my life (agility and all my friends that share our love of the sport and our doggies.)

  4. Dogs always make me feel better too!!

  5. Ditto to everyone above! My dogs are my everything!