Sunday, March 25, 2012

One of those moments

Those of you who have dogs will know what I'm talking about when I mention "those little moments".  Doesn't matter if you're into dog sports, or dog companionship.  This is what keeps us coming back despite frustration, setbacks, challenges, and inevitable heartbreak.  A short lifetime of those little moments makes us forget everything else.

I would be remiss if I said that today I experienced one such little moment--and found it to be surprising, or unusual.  Every day I am hit by one of those little moments.  Whether it's Bentley curling up next to me on the couch, or Lexi ramming a toy into my leg--these moments are everywhere, and I love them all!

Perhaps today my mood is what made this "little moment" even more special.  I'm stressed, and to be honest, feeling a bit emotional!

We took the dogs to a park today, and walked them down a long path.  I considered taking my camera, but didn't know if the weather would hold up (it has been very gray all day).  I would guess that we maybe walked a mile or two, and then turned around to come back.  The path was mostly deserted, so I decided to let Lexi off the leash (don't worry, she has an excellent recall and we were in a safe area).  She explored, trotted at my side, sniffed, and checked back in with me like a good girl.  Luckily, this is something that she has always been good at it, and does my heart good to see her able to interact with her surroundings this way (similarly, it makes me sad that we failed at teaching that foundation with Bentley--though I think his character allows him to be perfectly content to walk in step with whomever is holding his leash).

I decided to break into a run--just for fun.  And to my surprise, and joy, Lexi broke into a run, keeping pace with me at my side for almost a minute.  I know that sounds silly...but we were in total sync!  Perhaps I should remind everyone that this is my crazy, boisterous girl that loves to race ahead, jump in front, turn around and bark, and often almost trip me up with her herding instinct (which she seems to think is the best game ever!)  It was odd, but it was incredibly calming.

I love those little moments!

"What now, Mom?"

(Don't worry--I'll be back with your regularly scheduled programming--Agility and Training--soon!)



  1. Very cool! I love those type of moments and treasure them also!

  2. Stunning photo!! I know about running in front and trying to trip you. Miley does that if I just try to run too. But not an agility course. So glad you got to have a special moment.

  3. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing those little moments which will always live in your heart!

  4. Yes, I love "those little moments" and I always treasure what we've shared. Life is just too short. I am very emotional person and I can easily have tears in my eyes when I feel with those little moments. Lexi was so sweet to jog around beside you. Mine will be jumping all over me and trip me over, thinking why their mum has gone crazy. LOL