Monday, March 5, 2012

Lexi BRAG Trial

Masters Gamblers: This was Lexi's first time in Masters Gamblers. Gamblers has always been her strongest event, but I knew that once we got to Masters it would be challenging for her--yet fun, of course. I was really proud of her in this run. As I mentioned on Bentley's post, only 3 out of 60 dogs got the gamble, and Lexi got everything but the last jump! I was really proud of how she came in and took the tunnel at the discrimination. I should also point out that after our last trial you'll see that Lexi no longer has an issue with the teeter-yay! Let's keep it that way!

Advanced Snooker: Q and Title!
As my husband said, he got a little greedy with the send to the tunnel at the beginning of the close, but luckily in advanced there are no refusals and he was able to fix it.  I really liked how Lexi came around from jump 3 to the chute (4).  I thought she might go wide and take the jump (as in a 180) but she read Jonathan and came around right towards the chute.  She drops the bar at the very back of the course, but it was very sandy in the back of this ring.

Advanced Standard: E
Poor girl--this was a tough course.  I was really happy how she handled the opening.  There was a day not too long ago when I am confident that she would have thought long and hard about taking that 3rd jump (the green one on the straight away) at the beginning.  She didn't even consider it but turned and headed for the tunnel.  Jonathan should have trusted her and kept moving!  When walking it we knew there was a strong likelihood that Lex would come around that turn and head for the tunnel.  She loves tunnels to begin with, and with speed like that, it would be tough to deter her.  We're also seeing much faster downs on the table, no sitting up halfway through the count, and no jumping off this weekend.  Vast improvements all around!

Steeplechase: Q
I thought this might be a tough one for Lex as there were a couple very "Lexi-like" off courses.  She proved me wrong, once again (note to self--believe in her!)  She did miss the weave entry, but I think that I lost connection with her in that expanse and should have kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn't eyeing the tunnel.  Beautiful weave entry on the way back, though, and that entry wasn't easy (at speed!)  Beautiful FC at the end (my have those improved!) and a strong finish.  1st place!  What a good girlie!

Masters Jumpers:
Totally my fault!  Lexi really handled nicely, I just wasn't on top of my game.  I decelerated way too late at the exit to the tunnel, and pushed her out really far.  Then I didn't catch her eye to put her over the white jump.  Oops!  I think the rest of the run was wonderful.  Great send as she turned toward the tunnel, and beautiful finish.  Really happy with this run as the mistakes were all mine.

Masters Snooker:
Well, not much to say-ha!  This was a hard course.  As I mentioned on Bentley's posts, no obstacles were bidirectional, and well...just not so good for baby girl!  She drops the first bar (again, this is the second day where the footing was bad) and I think Jonathan was thrown off from the beginning.  Then he didn't give her the information in time and lost her as he headed towards the tunnel (I can criticize him on my blog because he admitted to it!)  Well, we knew Snooker would be tough for her!

Advanced Standard: Q
Hooray!  Her first Advanced Standard Q!  Nice send off of the teeter.  Then my husband played it safe and pulled her away from the table so she wouldn't bounce on and off.  Running towards the table with speed is something we need to work on so that we don't baby it in a trial.

Steeplechase Finals: E
This was probably the best E ever!  I really liked a lot of things about this run.  If it weren't for the weaves, she never would have been eliminated.  This is the only time she popped them all weekend, and I think she lost her footing because her striding got mixed up.  Other than that, I thought this was a very strong run.

Advanced Relay: Q and Title!
I was really flattered when I introduced myself to our partner.  I asked her which side she wanted to do and she said, "Oh, I don't care.  But your dog is so good!"  Anyways, my fault on the weave entry as I got lazy.  I really needed to support her entry and I just assumed she would get it.  I also knew that Lexi would get turned around at the end, but couldn't figure out a way to get there!

Grand Prix: E
Bad handler.  I don't even want to post this video because I was so bummed.  I had so many great handling ideas, and just literally forgot all of them when I got out on the course.  This was definitely a tough course (hey, it's GP! It's supposed to be!) but I think Lexi could have done it if I had executed to my plan.  The first mistake: after the tire I had in mind my FC positioned almost at the wall. In my head I told myself to drive towards the wall...and obviously I didn't.  I FCd like right next to the weaves leaving Lexi absolutely zero room to make her entrance.  I also meant to FC after the teeter, and just forgot.  Then I didn't execute the RC properly (my thoughts: "ARRRRRRRGH!" haha).  But really, she could have done it and did everything that I asked of her!

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