Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 10

Day 10 was actually yesterday, and today is Day 11, but I'm only going to get to one post tonight (the videos take so long to edit!)  We moved to the agility field today, and at first, it was bad.  I'm not sure if it was the environment, or the board being too high (we did have it too high at first), but I was worried that nothing would translate.  Unfortunately, the hand full of bad mistakes were prior to us setting up the camera, so you don't get to enjoy them.  But after a few mistakes in a row, we lowered the dogwalk again, to about 20" (maybe a bit less since he gets on a little lower), and had much more success.

Also, we are going to begin working on independence (sending out, not going with him) a bit more at the suggestion of a friend.  We didn't get to it this day because he seemed pretty confused with our new set up.  (The set up being that we had the table at the down side of the dogwalk for him to jump on, then get on the dogwalk from there).


Reps:  40
% Success:  Somewhere around 85-90%

1.  Analysis.  I spent a good deal of time tonight analyzing Bentley's strides vs. jumps.  I think we incorrectly don't click some successes on this video.  And my editing software is being weird, so I couldn't go back and honestly count the successes vs. mistakes.

Here are my tips on differentiating jumps from strides:
- Jumps begin with all four paws together, and end with two paws in the front together and two paws in the back together.
- Strides begin with legs slightly separated, and end with legs (especially back) slightly separated.
- The angle of the body on a stride is slightly sloped down towards the bottom of the board.
- The angle of the body on a jump is straight, going straight out.

2.  Changes.  I was extremely happy with the adapting that Bentley did in the short time we were at the field.  I think the field added a good deal of excitement and working there is great practice for real applications.

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