Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 9

I can't believe that we have only been doing this for 9 days.  It feels like a lot longer than that!  Today we worked at 16".  And despite several (bad trainers!) days off, Bentley does well.


Reps: 30
% Success: 100%

1.  Height.  We honestly can't go any higher with this board in our backyard.  We may try putting our mini A-Frame in the yard to see if we can use that.

2.  Transitions.  I think we need to move a bit faster as far as height goes.  I know it's only been 9 days, but he is doing well.  I think it will get harder as we get closer and closer to the regulation heights.  I want to spend more time there, and then not only can we focus on strides, but also building speed.

3.  Puppy.  We took Lexi (7 months) out today to "play" on the board with it flat on the ground.  I just took her out and treated any interaction with the board.   With her smart sheltie brain she was running all the way across with just a few tries.  Now it leaves me with the difficult question:  What kind of contacts do we want with her?  2o2o for her?  Or running?

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