Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Trial

This weekend was our club's May agility trial.  It wasn't a great weekend for Bentley (oops we've been concentrating so much on contacts that we forgot to practice other things!), but he did eek out one Starters Pairs (Relay) Q, which was all he needed for his AD title!  So that last run--at 1:30 a.m., made up for the whole weekend!

We didn't enter him in Standard to keep him off of contacts, but did enter him in Pairs thinking it would be maybe 1 contact and I really wanted him to have a chance at his AD.  He also took the dogwalk during one of his Gamblers runs.

I made a quick compilation of his contacts.  I was pretty sad that he didn't get his dogwalk contact, but considering we aren't up to full height yet (not even close!), I couldn't be too mad.  I was pleasantly surprised at his A-frame.  It's not great, he still hesitates at the top, and he jumps off at the bottom, but he didn't creep, and he did get his contact both times.  I'll consider that a success.  Doesn't change our training plan of lowering it almost all the way though, when we get there.


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