Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 5

We skipped a day on Friday to add traction to our board.  Unfortunately, we picked the worst day to do it because it was so humid.  The board didn't dry until today (Sunday).  Saturday we had class at our agility training field so we did a quick practice out there.  We didn't bother raising the board, and the result was a very successful 25 reps.


Reps: 25
% Success:  96%

1.  Speed.  He's a lot faster now than before.  But ONLY when we run with him.  He isn't motivated by himself (story of his agility career!)

2.  Weather.  The heat has an impact, which is going to make this tougher and tougher.  Notice how hot/tired he is by the end.  And we only trained for 6 minutes.  We may have to do 2 five minute sessions a day when it starts to get hot rather than one 10 minute session.

Hopefully more to come tonight...

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