Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 13

30" to begin, then around 46 seconds we go up to 34".  Getting closer!


Reps: 23
% Success: 91%

1.  Misses.  In case anyone is wondering, the 2 misses are at 37 seconds and 1:12.

2.  Speed.  Closer to 3 seconds this time, but I also didn't clock his faster runs.

3.  Distance.  Really getting some great distance work in.

4. Command.  We've also started using the command "climb".  We had previously used "walk it" but felt like it might confuse Bentley into thinking he might need to get his 2o2o.

5.  Sequencing.  We ran Bentley over a couple jumps prior to getting on the dogwalk, and also put him through a tunnel a few times at the end and treated him after.  (He did not get to go through the tunnel if he didn't get his stride).

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