Thursday, May 20, 2010

Days 15 and 16

As you can see, I'm still behind on posting the videos!  But, these are the last two for the next few days as we have a trial this weekend.  We're only entering jumpers, gamblers and pairs to avoid contacts for the most part, but it will still be a long and busy weekend.  Day 15 is at 36", and I didn't measure, but I would guess that Day 16 is between 38 and 40".

Day 15 video:

Reps: 23
% Success:  88%

1.  Speed.  He's really doing well with speed.  I really like the way a lot of these look.

2.  Treats.  I think it's a good idea to start giving him extra treats for extra good ones (jackpot).  Some of these are better than others.

3.  Mistakes:  Speed is a factor, and he again misses the first one.
-1:05 BIG mistake.  I think it's the first really bad mistake in a while where he completely misses the yellow.

Day 16 was spent out at the field when there were about 5 other dogs on the field running, and several dogs just running and playing in the field next door.  It was great practice for a trial-like scenario, but definitely proved to be difficult for Bentley's concentration.  Please note that I had to edit not 1, not 2, but 3 dogs going to the bathroom that we captured on video-haha!

Day 16 video:

Reps: 36
% Success:  81%

1.  Success.  I left this training session feeling a little down.  In retrospect, considering everything going on, it was more stressful and full of distractions than even a trial would be.  It is good practice, but was disappointing as I wasn't happy with a lot of the ones that he did correctly.

2.  Mistakes.  His mistakes were also significantly worse than previously.  On ALL of his misses, he missed by a lot.  Didn't even come close to the yellow.  When we pick back up it will definitely be at this height.

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