Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 21

Moved the dogwalk up, and again Bentley did well.  Still hoping to have it up to full height in one week.  We won't push him of course, but things are looking promising!

That leaves me hope that we may be able to enter Standard at our trial at the end of July.  I hope that the A-Frame won't take us as long, and that still leaves us with 3 weeks to teach it.


Reps: 25
% Success:  92%

1.  Sequencing.  So now the trouble comes in sequencing after the obstacle.  I know that if I peel off to the left as he comes down the down side (especially as he closes in on the yellow) that he's going to peel off with me and miss the contact.  So I guess this means we need to start practicing this....I'm just not sure how.  If I leave the target plate out front, then that doesn't make sense because he'll never be driving to it during a trial.  If I remove the plate, I feel like he will immediately miss and be confused, and I want to set him up for success.

2.  Height.   He hits his contact higher up the higher the dogwalk goes.  I'll need to keep an eye on this as we continue to go up.

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