Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 7

Board is up to 12" off the ground.


Reps:  34
% Success:  91%

1.  Analysis.  We incorrectly identified 1 jump in this one (we click at 38 seconds, but it's a stride over the yellow).  I think it becomes more and more difficult as his jumps become more and more like long strides.

2.  Striding.  It's as if he has learned not to jump, but not yet understanding that his goal is to stride to the end of the board.  It is lucky because his strides take him to the end of the board around 90% of the time.  I hope this will come with time.

3.  Clicking.  In combination with the above, we have to make sure that not only are we clicking for strides instead of jumps, but also ONLY strides through the yellow.

4. Transition.  I think our goal is to get him up to full height on the dogwalk (48").  Then we will lower the A-frame and work on striding to the end of that.  The teeter is a whole 'nother story!

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